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We at Ehsaas8171BISP.Com information of Ehsaas Program 8171 | BISP,Welfare State‘ for Poor People helping. The launch Pakistan Government 27 March 2019. The name of Ex-Prime-Minster Imran Khan the party name is PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insafe).

The Ehsaas in which reduce inequality of society. The investing of our people. And the poor areas of districts to growth economically.

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Ehsaas Program about:

Ehsaas Program is creation of ‘Welfare State’ of Pakistan. The 21-Century using the tools to helping through the internet devices. The data and technology Sum-up to work Countering Elite Capture data. They promoting financial inclusion and the people access to digital services. The growth of women economic empowerment in the Ehsaas Schemes. More focusing the center Role of Human’s arrangement of capital formation for the working poverty eradication.

The trying to create society in which economically Growth and Sustainable improved development. The Working and the control of overcoming financial difficulties to proper approach them. Better solved the health problems and Improved the system of Post- Secondary education.

This program’s principle to approach the center point to join the whole of government. The involved the multiply sectors to collaboration of the solutions. The System in which both of ensuring leadership to Federal-Provincial are worked. They working point of private sector in mainstreaming role will provide the level playing field on the one hand. And advance the locally to the purpose of improve the other innovation.

The improve society to create new jobs. And help to increase the source of income to quick be successful in area. The programs importance of grounded of strengthening institutions, And the premise of the transparency of good governance.

Ehsaas Program Poor People:

The program is only for the poor culture of society in which extreme poor people. Orphans (No Parents), Widows (No Husband), The homeless (No Home). The Disable (No proper body maintain / Any Part of body Damage). Those people of who risk improve the medical empowerment. The people who the jobless, Very poor women, For the Elderly Citizens. The plan about of the lower class areas of Pakistan. Where poverty is very higher results.

The Ehsaas Progran Poverty is for cutting plan of action attached in a four Pillars. The recently realize 115 Program is action. They have more expanded as process of discussion program future extend. The four points in which: Addressing the big capture and make a government system is work in equality. The protection net of needy section of a population, Jobs and source of income, The human Capital evolution.


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